Pwetty Pweeze!

Take a look at my needing homes tab please. I need to re-home this stuff ASAP. The house remodelers are coming and my house looks like caca.  I dislike goodwill and salvation army, and if ya wanna know why I will be happy to pull out the soap box and let ya know, so would like these thingies to go to someone I “know”.


Hey you peoples I met over at Crotch Village do y’all remember the wishlist? I know know know most of you dug them like I did. I was thinking since I can’t seem to find a wishlist on any of the fibery boards I visit that perhaps a private blog of sorts, by invite only, would be fun. List 10-15 items. Send thingies to someone that would make them smile….

Maybe it’s a pipe dream, who knows. Let me know what ya think, please.


Edited to add: I think international wishers should feel welcome to post wishes.

The Swap Is On!

Hear ye, hear ye! I decided to host my own swap, come on over if ya want! If this one goes well I am totally doing a wishlist one which will be private. I miss that badly from that one joint I used to hang out at, sigh!

Anywas read more about it here. Hurry flock on over!

Be well!

Well not really, but I was thinking of a song, probably butchered the lyrics, The Clash or someone. Anyhoo…. Me brain isn’t working yet again!

How was everyones holidays? Mine were okay and good and stuff and junk. I blinked and they were over! Is time moving faster? It seems so to me!

I have yet to make my “to do list”…I really need to. It helps me to stay focused.

If anyone is interested I have two Christian romance books my grandmother gave me, I’ve not read them but just email me and they’re yours. I don’t do romance and stuff.  Simple_witchery@hotmail.com. Danke!

I’m thinking about enrolling in some courses at the local Jr College. I can do them online. Joe and I both actually. I have always loved to learn and question and be humbled at the amount of wonderment there is in the world but more so lately I’ve been driven to drink in all I can. Sadly, I did learn that all my college classes with the exception of a handful will need to be repeated due to a five year+  absence.  I was SO close to several degrees but let it all slip away, sorta feel crappy about that but what can ya do? I’m only 37, she says, trying to place her eyeballs back in her head, so I still have time to learn and gain!!!!

Until tomorrow, I hope!

Be well y’all!

Seems lately I’ve had no time for anything. I love work but often, recently, have wished I could push a stop button.

I’ve gotten very little creating done and only a tad of baking done. I have developed a recipe or two in the past couple of month for the company I work for but thats not really creating it more like um, getting paid to use the products at hand in a new way. Anywho, I guess this old girl is a bit sad about no time to even piddle.

My readership is down to nothing which in a way doesn’t matter as I journal for me but it was nice knowing someone read me on occasion. I think it’s because, again me just over thinking it, I don’t get on rants as “loudly” anymore, gosh, or often at all. I dunno, maybe. Ya know the squeaky wheel and all that.

Well on to other non-whiny stuffs.  I joined swap-bot. Here’s my profile. I sorta like it. I don’t do the forums, just an occasional swap. The practical side of me says “Why the hell would you swap someone for something you possibly could buy yourself?” and the not so practical childish side loves getting everything from a postcard to a parcel in the mail. SO THERE PRACTICAL SIDE, take that! Also on a recent swap I learned that something I might over look buying myself becomes special when someone sends it. I received a book I would have never purchased me, probably would have never even opened if seen on a shelf, but because someone chose it for me based on my profile I felt I needed to give it the time and non-judgemental browsing it deserved. Guess what, I totally love it! Whodda thunk it???

As I am a list maker I decided I should make a list of WIP’s (again) WIM’s , Fo’s (again) and a swap-bot list. I will be posting it on this blog. Ya know, in hopes of keeping what little sanity I have intact.

One final thing before I’m off to make lists…..Folks please please do not ever apologize for saying the word “Christmas” to me!  Good grief! That word in no way offends me nor do I find it distasteful, I say it me own self. Just cuz someone may not celebrate Christmas as many others do doesn’t mean it’s offensive! Relax! Breath!

Beside we all evolve and change, Lynlee once told me it’s the only constant in life and she’s right. Wise for a little chica she is.

Be well y’all!

Wanna Quickie?

My camera is wiggin out so I’ve not uploaded my pictures from the reveal I got from my fabulous Secret Pal SFKnitster. The husband type person is working on my camera issues.

I am very blown away by the kindness of someone I’ve never officially met, nor ever had a one on one conversation before SP. The packages were very well thought out and sent in a timely manner and she never failed to e-mail or send e-cards.

Just wanted to do a quick SP photo update as I promised them.

I got an absolutely awesome package from my secret pal she revealed herself. This was also her first swap, I must say she totally rocks and was a super secret pal. Will give more details later. Such as what came, who SHE is and all that good stuff. I would like to be able to post pics and links etc.

Sorry for the rushed post, but yours truly is ill and not very focused. Damn whatever this is, going on near two weeks now.

Also thank you Swapna. I got your gift and appreciate it so much! You are fabulous!

Will post more later, I hope. Thank you dear people much love and warmth y’alls way.