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Just a silly way for me to track what I’ve done. So I feel somewhat productive!

Jewelry: Crocheted and strung

Bracelets 7

Necklaces 2

Earrings 9 pairs

Tulle Pin


Scarfs 2

Skull cap


Dotee Dolls 1

Grown list, grow!


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So I was on a blogging roll of sorts and then it happened……

I awoke one morning to find my desktop DEAD. Just assuming some wire came unplugged somewhere I wasn’t too worried. But my worst fears came true when after a visit to the doctor, learning the PC had a burned out hard drive. I’m borrowing my husbands pc for now but am very unfamiliar with it.I do have a laptop but the bugger loads so slow. Anywho I am very sad the PC is dead and even sadder, photos, patterns, and recipes have now also died, never to see the light of day again. BOO-WOO!

I have some updates: I did receive an fantabulous box from my secret pal and wish I could post pics but can’t right now. But included was a most luscious vanilla candle, some super soft yarn, a bar of yummy chocolate and a very nice note. THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!!I hope to post pictures soon! And respond to any e-mails you’ve sent.

My root canals didn’t happen. The teeth had to be extracted. Now off to the dental surgeon to see about dental implants.YUCK! I hate dental stuff. Thank goodness the teeth were in the back.

Work is going well. I like it very much! There is a random jerk on occasion but isn’t there always some weirdness at a good job?

I totally missed out on the September fat quarter swap, bummer. Oh, well there is always next month. I hope I have a desk top before then. Sigh!!!

Off to work!

Be well y’all!!!

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Yes, I’m talking to whoever might be reading. Just because there are two posts this week doesn’t mean I’ve returned to the land of the living. Okay, well I am in purgatory, internet limbo. Sorta here, but not. I think. OY! Too deep for this afternoon.

But on with the meat…..Sink your teef into these pics, FOs!!! Who don’t love FOs?

A smallish bag felted with Patons Classic Merino Wool, loverly, me likes me some green.

A flurite and silver crochet necklace.

Next is a black copper wire with black czeck glass beads crocheted to make a snazzy bracelet.

I finished another necklace I will post later, it’s my fave so far, so ya know I gotta share.

And in celebration of my new found love for wire crochet, I started a flickr group for wire crochet, in hindsight I shoulda put wire crochet and knit. Not much activity is require, heck I belong to some flickr groups just so I can see the pics when I feel like it. The great thing is I’m not really required to do much admin-ing as I am not on the PC as much anymore, this is a good thing. If the linky no worky then just do a search for “wire crochet”.

I added some acrylic yarns to eBay. Adding more tonight and tomorrow, some olefin chenille and other stuff. I also found some trims I think I cna part with and live. So watch for those if you’re interested in the next week or so. If the link doesnt work, just search for user: Travelinfoot .

I wanted to take a minute to thank Deneen, who is fabulous beyond words. She saw my eBaying efforts and took the time to e-mail me with very helpful tips. I appreciate it so very much. So thanks a ton Deneen you totally rock!

And also Swapna needs a big old thank you, she sent a wonderful book called “The Adventures Of Tintin” I think the old man was slighty, although it be only a tad, more tickled than I was as he used to watched Tintin on HBO (I think he said) pre-wifey.

One last thing and I promise to release you from my grating voice, okay you can’t actually hear it but I know you can imagine it if you try. On my pages thingy at the top on the right hand corner of my blog I made a list called “ISO”….this list is not a great show of my beggerity (is that a word?, if not, now it is) but of things I am in search of and if one wishes to rid themselves of something I want, I will be willing to pay or barter.

Danke and be well!

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Bag-a-long Bag

This is a close mesh shopping bag I made for the Bag-a-long at Peacecraft. It will hold several cans of stuff.

Made of worsted weight cotton, medium sized and a perfect addition to our reusable shopping bags.

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Gotta do it

UFOs, WIPs, WIMs, otherwise known as “I got shit to do”


Shawl, sports weight wool-ease Ripped Out
Batik rag quilt DONE

Stole, thread
Baby blanket, bernat softee   DONE

Amber Necklace


Earrings, bracelet DONE

Crochet a longs:

Foot themed CAL


Felted slinky bag
Drafted pattern for new shawl, need to apply it, search for testers if it works


Bonus things DONE:

Beaded metal bookmark

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Another thong. This one is actually more wearable. Soft, the yarn was a tape type yarn thats a bit stretchy- made by Berroco, cant remember the name. Please don’t let the image of the underwear make you run into the street and fornicate with the first passer-by you see, well go ahead if ya want too, you’re responsible for your own morallity, I hold no responsiblity. Call me Switzerland, Baby.

I used #10 thread and f hook to make a lacy edging.

And look I bought a model through white slave trade.

While I’m posting we had a visitation a few nights ago. Check him out and it was a him , I checked. Wonder of he needs a man thong?

And I have had my camera put away for a long time, I am afraid I forgot how to see beauty. Too much other poo clouding my view. So in the spirit of finding something to be in awe of daily, cuz really there should be something, I found this:

Title: Strength of Two

Be well ya’all!

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Welcome to Thong-a-long Thursday!

In the pics that follow, you may have to stand really still and not blink to see my fabulous thong as it's made of cammo, for the huntress in all of us!

Made of acrylic Red Heart and a H hook. My only sadness is that I didnt have bright orange hunters orange to make a lace edging around the waist bit. Bummer.

Can't you just imagine playing Bugs bunny and Elmer in these? And hey if you're shy about your "down there" then take heart in knowing when you wear cammo, ya can't be seen. So be as modest as ya wanna be. 


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