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Gather ’round folks, I have an announcement!

I am now a distributor of Athena’s Home Novelties!

Everyone go run and look at my web page! Except for Swapna, you have a delicate nature, don’t want to shock you! ( you can look if you want, but be warned)

Gotta say the spa products rock….

On another note I set a goal to make 5 bracelets today to post on Etsy. And guess what! I actually made them and nearly done with number 6. YAY me!!!

Also for you wishlisters, I have printed out the list that have been posted and will be shopping when time allows or for when I come across something awesome. BTW, I need you girls address, please.

Be well y’all!

Update: I’ve now completed seven bracelets, one necklace and one pair of earrings. WOOT! Swapna, I am on now (obviously) but haven’t been online much. Just doing a quick e-mail check before bed. But I do hope to be on in the morrow.  The evening time.


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