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Last call!

K, peeps….I know folks are busy and stuff I totally understand. I am thinking I’ll delete the Wistlisters if no one is interested in let’s say, two weeks.

It’s a fun idea but people may be just to busy, which is understandable.


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No one else wants to play on Wishlisters?  Don’t be shy!!!!

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It’s Alive!!!!!

Okay,  boys and girls………………introducing Wishlisters. Please e-mail for invite. Also please be patient while I tweak and learn to work the “behind-the-scenes” stuff. Danke!

Let the gifting begin!!!!!

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A Quickie!

Okay so I have been blog shopping for a multi-user/group blog where there can be many people able to post photos etc.

I thought blogger had the ablity to add multiple users, I dunno! Ideas? I also looked a forums, FOR ONLY WISH LIST, nothing more, there is enough forums for individual interest.  These are free and can be by invite only and users can post pics, update list etc.

I like the idea of the wishlist even if it only starts with 4 or so people. UGH! Rambling sux!

Okay off to work.

Be well y’all!

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Pwetty Pweeze!

Take a look at my needing homes tab please. I need to re-home this stuff ASAP. The house remodelers are coming and my house looks like caca.  I dislike goodwill and salvation army, and if ya wanna know why I will be happy to pull out the soap box and let ya know, so would like these thingies to go to someone I “know”.

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Wishin’ and Dreamin’

Hey you peoples I met over at Crotch Village do y’all remember the wishlist? I know know know most of you dug them like I did. I was thinking since I can’t seem to find a wishlist on any of the fibery boards I visit that perhaps a private blog of sorts, by invite only, would be fun. List 10-15 items. Send thingies to someone that would make them smile….

Maybe it’s a pipe dream, who knows. Let me know what ya think, please.


Edited to add: I think international wishers should feel welcome to post wishes.

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The Swap Is On!

Hear ye, hear ye! I decided to host my own swap, come on over if ya want! If this one goes well I am totally doing a wishlist one which will be private. I miss that badly from that one joint I used to hang out at, sigh!

Anywas read more about it here. Hurry flock on over!

Be well!

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