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Okay, so I’ve been MIA……With good reason I promise. WORK, WORK…..and WORK!

I’ve got to give a shout out to my secret pals…..now that SP11 is coming to an end I find I am getting more comfortable doing the pal thing. My secret to me pal always e-mails or leaves comments. And she sends the bestest packages. My not secret to me pal is equally as awesome. She’s warm and friendly. She’s been very patient as I try and figure out how secret palling actually works. Not that I’m a slacker pal but I wasn’t real sure how friendly to be, that’s so not the right word friendly, hmmmm. But my previous experience on a well known crochet forum was horrid. I emailed weekly, sent e-cards several times a week, sent rocking packages and cards and little to no response. And that being my only taste of Sp-ing, thought I must be doing something wrong, especially when I was publicly criticized by she who shall remain un-named for not trying to connect more, HELLO! Anywho sour grapes, sorry! But the point is I think I am getting into the spirit of Sp now that the end is drawing near and hope I am allowed to participate again. Robyn my hostess has been a great handholder as well. If I lacked blog post, all my days meld into one, ahem, she’d e-mail and remind me to post more. For a newbie to Sp it was nice to be so monitored. Anyone thinking about trying SP, should at least once.

I was very productive yesterday, I got several packages mailed off. One for my fat quarter swap, one for my swap-bot towel swap, one to Swapna, and other little thingies. All of you peeps on the India mail watch, Swapna did in fact get her first test package from me to her new address. So pkg two has been sent. Hoping #1 wasn’t a fluke.

I have loads of pictures to share but will have to feed them into post over several days. But I do have some linkage for you!

My fam and our friend Carole spent a fabu day at Worldfest 2007. Granted it could totally be bigger, but it will grow. We had a blast. We met all sorts of unique people, learned about cultures and was free to ask questions to the different countries reps. One of the booths we hang out at the most was India. Emily and I have decided she and I must have been residence of India in a past life. Stop laughing, for reals!

We ate some pakora. YUMMY! Ours had soft cheese and green onions. And there was this fabulous dipping sauce. I could taste pepper and cumin. Emily and Amy also got henna dyed hands. Mehendi is the correct term, I think. You can see an article here, sitting at the table is Em, Amy is standing in the background as is The Old Man and thats the back of Carole’s blonde head. We were leaving when Emily heard Indian music start from a stage somewhere away from where we were and she sprinted off like a cheetah, the words streaming from her as she ran was “Hurry Mama, move faster.” Then she was gone. We later joked that we’ve never seen her move so fast and perhaps we should purchase Indian Cds to get her moving. I did catch up and we watched and clapped for an hour or more. Got a ton of pictures. Will share, sparingly later.

We also saw a beautiful presentation of Capoeria. Oh my goodness! Wonderful! I could get down with that I think. Okay, wishful thinking but still….. Also have pictures of this. Gotta upload them before I can post them.

Alrighty then, I am off to work.

Be well y’all!


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Today I SHOULD be doing stuff. Yet, here I sit doing very little. Tried to do some shopping online but my Secret Pals wishlish thingy is down and I’ll be darned if I can remember what was on there. OY! I did begin a hobo-ish bag I hope to use tomorrow. Very cute if I say so meself.  I will take pics but not sure how I will post them. ‘member the pc/camera debacle?

Yesterday, Amy and I had an awesome day. We had a lunch date with a new friend. Amy was born with a birth defect which causes a moderate to severe physical disability. Anywho,  being a teen, which in itself can suck, but being a teen with a physical disability can suck major-ly.  So our new friend J is 30ish, has the same birth defect and is a make-up artist, stylist and artist married to a soon -to-be Doctor. She and Ames talked at length about their lives and some of the medical complication and things that suck and things that are awesome. (Ames has the myelomeningocele version, as does J.)

Revealing today aren’t I?

Over on Flickr I got the info on my new swap buddy for the Fat Quarter Swap Group. Going shopping for her this weekend.

One more thing about SP11…. I enjoy reading my pals blog, I enjoy her e-mails…..who knew this was so fun????

I really should go crochet or finish sewing my bag………..

Be well y’all!!!!

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October Already?

Well this month has snuck up on me!!! Who knew it would be here so quickly?

I have got to try harder to blog more now that I have all the passwords to get on the husband type persons PC. It’s a big old pain to try and get online when we work diff shifts and I never had bothered to ask for the passwords.

I have several errands to run tomorrow. SO MANY, or so it seems. I gotta go to the quilt shop, post office, make some gourmet dipped apples and buckeyes, do some freecycling, laundry, make calls, go to the post office, pay bills, and dye my chef’s coats. WHEW! Dang will I ever get it all done? Oh and I want to try and find some groovy stuff for my secret pal. I have been eyeballing all sorts of goodies. Now to decide and second guess myself.

I am trying to plan my trip and doings as I don’t want to run all over heck and get totally worn out.

I finally got to make some jewelry last week. Only three items but still. A pair of earrings, two necklaces, one of which is crocheted. I really got to kick up my “crafting” into high gear.

Remember I mentioned my secret pal sent me some fabu yarn? I have been trying to decide what to make with it. I dug out some books and searched the pages and marked them. I forgot I had some of these books. I wish my camera worked on the DHs pc……I have things to show darn it! Working on a solution.

Well off to rest before the chaos of tomorrow starts! Also compiling a list of “must dos”… I gotta get stuff done folks, I just gotta!

Be well y’all!

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Our trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival was a blast as usual. The little offspring and the old man were the only ones who “dressed up”. The oldest offspring regretted not donning her garb the minute we hit the parking lot. And well mama (that’s me) couldnt lace her bodice well enough to “get by”. Oy! Fat sucks. But fun was had none-the-less. This post is image heavy so forgive me.

Here is the enterance of the Faire. Looks very castle-y.

Here is The Eldest getting her face painted. The lady doing the art work looked so much like Kate Hudson, I actually tried for about 3 minutes to figure out why Kate Hudson was at the Faire painting faces. Same lips, eyes, etc.

The ending result.

The Youngest also got a face painting but I failed to catch a good pic, which is sad as it was fab and was on both sides of her face.

This is a carved iguana on a log. Well actually the whole thing is one log. Fabulous. Some people are so talented.

I think I need one of these for the house. What ya think? Can you see the horns poking through?

This kind Centaur stopped to let the girls get a pic. What’s Em looking at? I’m sorta afraid to ask!

This kindly little man was at one of the food booths, not sure if he was to be a recommendation or a warning.

The Eldest forced this Demon Knight to sit so that she could rest a tad. Trust me she can be scarier than him. And he has RED EYES!

And finally this is a pic of the girls and Ems friend Catherine with the little person of King Henry’s Court. I neglected to get the offical character he was portraying.

I bid thee well and will spare thee from further torture of spoils of the little silver box of Satan. Also known as a camera.

One last thing, we plan on going on All Hallows Eve weekend (and hopefully Celtic Christmas weekend as well) so if you’re in the area let me know maybe we can hook-up.

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Jet Setting?

Okay, well maybe not.

Off to Houston! Please send good thoughts and positive energy. The morning , yes it has begun for us, has already started off crappy.

On a side note, folks if I have a problem with ya I will let ya know. Please do not assume my lack of haste answering e-mail is because it’s all about you. I do have a family and surprisingly a life away from the PC. I really can’t stand being accused of doing someone out of something because of my feelings (made up or real) towards them. Geee whiz!

Maybe one day I will open up and share all my tiny tid bits with the masses. But I don’t open up THAT easily. Only a chosen few “know” things. If ya happen to be one of those try to take heart that I thought well enough of you to let you in and allow me much needed time right now. Thanx.

Anyway trying to shake this negative crap, whew! Come on folks good feelings our way. With much gratitude.

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I’m Off

Wish me luck and good thoughts…

If I am MIA…I am either dead, wishing I were dead or resting cause I feel far from dead….

I may get The Old Man to prop me in from of the PC, LOL

Yea, I'm whining, I am allowed once in a while!

Be well y'all!

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Alrighty folks I made a snazzy copper wire bracelet tonight and a funky scarf. I have a pic of the bracelet, who the heck hasn't seen enough scarves, ya know?

Anyhoo, the bracelet is made of copper wire, Czech glass beads and I used a Clover Soft Touch "H" hook.  I really like it and hope to make many more. I like wire crochet MUCH better with a larger hook.


Tomorrow I gotta go do something that is making my stomach do flip-flops…..I hope to be online to visit my haunts but, probably won't, who knows……I keep looking for reasons NOT to go….but I can't even come up with a good enough excuse to tell me. Anyway, good thoughts people…I am so gonna need them.

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