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Just a silly way for me to track what I’ve done. So I feel somewhat productive!

Jewelry: Crocheted and strung

Bracelets 7

Necklaces 2

Earrings 9 pairs

Tulle Pin


Scarfs 2

Skull cap


Dotee Dolls 1

Grown list, grow!


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Today I SHOULD be doing stuff. Yet, here I sit doing very little. Tried to do some shopping online but my Secret Pals wishlish thingy is down and I’ll be darned if I can remember what was on there. OY! I did begin a hobo-ish bag I hope to use tomorrow. Very cute if I say so meself.  I will take pics but not sure how I will post them. ‘member the pc/camera debacle?

Yesterday, Amy and I had an awesome day. We had a lunch date with a new friend. Amy was born with a birth defect which causes a moderate to severe physical disability. Anywho,  being a teen, which in itself can suck, but being a teen with a physical disability can suck major-ly.  So our new friend J is 30ish, has the same birth defect and is a make-up artist, stylist and artist married to a soon -to-be Doctor. She and Ames talked at length about their lives and some of the medical complication and things that suck and things that are awesome. (Ames has the myelomeningocele version, as does J.)

Revealing today aren’t I?

Over on Flickr I got the info on my new swap buddy for the Fat Quarter Swap Group. Going shopping for her this weekend.

One more thing about SP11…. I enjoy reading my pals blog, I enjoy her e-mails…..who knew this was so fun????

I really should go crochet or finish sewing my bag………..

Be well y’all!!!!

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Fat Quarters for me!

So I belong to a fat quarter swap group over on Flickr. I received a loverly package with pretty pink fabrics.


Love them!

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I’ve never been a high maintenance kinda girl. Never was a clothes horse. Nor was I a sloppy dresser, honestly always been a bit in between. Ya know, comfortable but tidy. I’ve been through various phase of dressing, the longest period of style or lack of was very dark and gothic dare I say Ozzy Osbourne-isque? Anyhoo, now I find me drawn to much Earthier tones and feminine flare. Being a plus sized chica I generally stuck to “covering-up” on most occasions. Who knows if it’s the age, “almost forty” she says proudly, the job or just accepting me for me. I alway thought I was comfortable with me and liked me, was it all false? But thats neither here nor there.

The person I am having an affair with is me! OH-MY-GAWD! Who knew I was cute and sassy, so says The Old Man. Okay, so maybe he and I are bias. But still. Lane Bryant has new jeans made for people with big bums. They’re cut as to not allow the waist to hang, which normally was the problem . They have peekaboo boobie shirts, love ’em. So I’ve been slowly adding to my wardrobe, or lack of I should say. The Old Man loves it, the girls love it, I love it. And most surprisingly I have no guilt over buying something for me on occasion. This is a totally new thing. Okay, I sorta freaked out when I got my hair colored and cut the other day(trying to get it to it’s natural color again). I thought EMS was gonna have to come with oxygen. OY! Anyway, not a fashionista ( did I spell that right?) but am liking trying new things. Liking shining a bit. I think I might like this moving into a new phase. I can totally feel the pull for whats coming next. All I can say is, BRING IT ON, Mother. I bes ready!

In other self-involved news. Yes, that’s right, me, me, me……

I finally got some postcards from postcrossing! YAY!  For you folks with small humans (Deneen, Lynlee, Wendy) you should check it out if you haven’t. Emily, Amy and I are rather enjoying it. The investment is minimal, which is a plus.

Speaking of Emily she has been wanting to join a swap. She tried to join swap-bot and several groups on flickr but she’s too young. So she started her own teen swap group. She received her first package and is tickled to death. Honestly, she loved gathering things for her swap partner more than receiving the package. I love seeing The Offspring happy.

Amy finally joined flickr and is browsing groups to hook up with.

Who knew flickr was so addicting?

Secret pal 11 is getting ready to kick off big time on the 15th. Can’t wait to go shopping for my pal. Can’t wait to find out who she or he is!!!!

The fat quarter swap I’m in  is going full swing some of these folks already have their packages in the mail! I’ve yet to go to the Quilt shop. Okay, we only got hooked up with our partners a few days ago, but I do feel like I am a tad behind. Darn you work!

Deneen, sent out an e-mail, sorta like a recipe round robin, and I wanna do it, but I am having trouble deciding what recipe to send. What if the ingredients aren’t available where whoever I send the recipe too lives? Maybe I worry too much……I love the idea of getting recipes new to me to try. Who wouldn’t love a new twist on an old favorite or a new taste sensation?  My other worry is; do I know 20 people?

Oy, I have more rambling, but even I am sick of reading me, so I will save it for another day. Go breathe, be grateful you made it out alive and hope you want be tempted to stop by and read anytime soon or pray I will be to busy to blog.

Be well y’all!

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Wanna WIP?

Well at least a pic of one?

Here is a pic of a spring-ish baby quilt that is at the almost done stage, at least the top. I still gotta pick a green for a border and something for a backing and probably will make the binding myself verses pre-made. So far only about 1.5-2 hours have gone into it.

Be well!

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Remember this? I decided to just work on this list for a while. I am trying to reach a goal and so this means less PC time, forum time, and limited e-mailing time. Such is life.

Anyhoo, here are some pics of items I finished off my list. More to come.

Beaded metal bookmark, glass bead bracelet, fullsize batik rag quilt, and the back of the quilt.

Thanx for looking!

Chugga, chugga!

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