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Sunday night The Man called to let me know there was a rather large dog ran over on our road, thats a really thin one lane dirt road, so I wouldn’t hit it. Being as there is no street lights and the road is very hilly and curvy etc, well ya get the pic. Anywho, yours truly was creeping by, trying to not look too closely as tittybaby as it sounds these things upset me to the point of bawling like a two year old. And I’ll be damned if the “dead” dog didn’t lift his head and look at me. Blood everywhere. I stopped the car and called The Man and he said he stopped and looked he couldn’t be alive. It must be a trick of the light. He did drive down to check again cuz I did beg. He returned and said he was dead. Hmmm, I coulda swore I saw him move. So at 7 the next morning I tried to avert my eyes as to not see him mushed and he wasn’t there. Maybe his parents picked him up? Ahhh, no the poor thing was sitting in a ditch in the pouring rain where he dragged himself. I stopped the car called the husband person and he in turn called our vet she said call the sheriff as they take care of “un-owned” animals, etc. Mind you this was at 7 am. While waiting for the sheriffs dept Joe gave him some food and would intermittently check on him. When I returned home at 8pm the dog was STILL there. So we called the sheriffs dept back, seems they forgot. So we called another vet that does emergency care and they said they were sending someone. NO ONE EVER EFFING CAME!

The poor doggy died about 5 am the next morning. I am so pissed. At the owners of this dog, at the sheriffs dept, at the emergency vet, at us…… Even though I know we tried to get him in the car, etc. He was in such pain he was snapping etc….. We had decided to foot the bill. I am pissed off I couldn’t put on my big girl panties and just put him out of his misery because I was worried about pissing off a neighbor.

Guess I am done, bitchin’….just thoroughly pissed. I can’t understand a living creature having to lay in a road and ditch for days hurting with no one to help….

Granted a live in podunkville where no one gives a crap about animals or even people for that matter….why the hell am I so surprised then? Okay, enough.

Off to work!

Be well!


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The title about sums it up.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay

I think people aren't liking it much that I've pretty much dropped the ass chewing and just decided to use humour to make a point rather than cussing and pitching a fit. Okay maybe not people but fate? Who knows.

I awaken this morning to another enlightening e-mail,

Here is a quote:

begin quote "Or maybe I'm  the "garbage" you refer too in your   Tuesday, April 04, 2006 on your blog
"Anyway hoping for a fresh new blog life and online life….dumping the garbage and moving on….." end quote

Seems my post about dumping my bad attitude was taken to mean that person. Garbage equals MY OUTLOOK.

First, I haven't heard from this person in ages (maybe a year). Second,why the heck do some people think everything is about them?

Anyway I like my (re)new(ed) tude….I like that I can still be bitchy but not confrontational. I like getting back to the laid back neo-hippie I was and am….Sometimes do I want to be loud,  but sometimes silence speaks louder.

One day I might just wake up, have loads of nice emails and not have to say WTF are they talking about!

My post have been different lately haven't they? I think they have….

Off to crochet, hopefully make some stitchmarkers, and make bathsalts.

Have a good one y'all!

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Says It All


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Oh, Lawdy!

Well I couldn’t resist I had to say something to the meany in that one thread that sent me over the edge….

This is what I said incase it gets deleted:

I said I was done in this thread but feel I should defend myself and then I will truly be done, I hope….

Eurolyons I havent a clue why you think I was speaking to you directly I wasn’t…

My point is that even here in this forum we have had threads where people have given their opinions on certain pubications. In some of these threads it has been said ” that project is ugly, I won’t be making it”…or “I didn’t buy that magazine due to the God awful projects”…or better yet, “I dont know who is designing these things but I don;t like fun fur it’s just plain ugly and over done”…

I do not like the meanspiritedness any more than you say you do but to act as one hasnt made the same comment to themselves is others is contradictory.

As for the perfect remark….I stand by what I said…..how can any of you “shocked” and upset by that blog act as if you never ever had a mean thought….

Go ahead and challege me or what I said…..but I challege you to improve your reading comprehension, perhaps if you had taken the time to read my post in totallity as well as Summerysmiles you would understand what I was saying.

An opinion is nothing more than a personal thought and JUDGEMENT you have come to……

And in closing perhaps this should be read about photos, unless you PROTECT your photos once they are posted on a public domain…anyone and everyone will and can “take” them and use them how they see fit…May not be right but it happens….I am a photographer and protect my photos, that I plan on using professionally, if posted in a public area, meaning the net.

Good day to you!

This place has turned so blood thirsty and self righeous…..what happened to being a grown-up and using our grey matter?

And this is the thread

And I realized in order to get a reply from my swap buddy I have to leave PM enabled, then off, once she replies….also I cant “follow” the friggin Valerie thread if I aint signed in!!! DAMN IT!

Oh well hopefully I get a reply ASAP…..and do I really need to read the Val thread? Nope….wow that was easy!!!!

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Hiatus Everlastus?

Don’t ask me about the title it just sounded Latin.

Okay I know I “threatened” to do this before but now it’s a go.

(Threatened, like who would notice?)

I am on hiatus from C’ville…..I will complete the stole swap and enjoy the silent auction, thankful I need only post once or twice for these two events. I will not be posting or browsing post. Nor will I be answering Pms. If you wish to contact me please email me.

For those at DoD I will see you there…honestly other than Swapna at C’ville I cant say I will miss anyone else from there, thats not at Dod. And luckily I have Swapna on Google Chat.

What prompted me is it seems as of late its becoming more and more like Alice in Wonderland over there….People faking their deaths, good one you friggin lunatic!, People who call themselve Christains but seem to take great pleasure in women being raped, saying she asked for it, and lets not forget another someone who calls herself a Christian complaining, being judgmental, and using “idle words” all to often, look it up it’s a biblical term. She sees fit to bash minorities as well as gays…..I am a minority, I am neither hetero nor homosexual…..I figure you love who you love….this is not a statement of Bi-sexuallity, I do loves me some sexy men…..for those with an open mind you will know what I mean.

I don’t envy Donna, Tiffany or Julie….their jobs are getting tougher and tougher, seems everyone is overly senitive or overly “rightous”…Kudos to you ladies, you rock! This goes for the Mods as well.

Life is good people….and I don’t want to waste any of my presicous friendship forming moments on people that will like me only if I conform to their ideas…

For the record, Donna the reason you can’t get pregnant is you and your husband are too fucking fat to bump uglies.

This is my blog I can say what I damn well please.

If you find me mean….leave, don’t come back….

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