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Today, Emily the eldest offspring, turns 16! OMIGAWD!!!! Who allowed this crap??? Wishing her a very happy birfday with lotsa love and squishy kisses. Also cringing at the increase in the cost of auto insurance.

Tomorrow, as there is no school the following day, we are going bowling and out to eat with a few of her friends from school. Or we are taking them out rather. Having bowled only one other time in my whole life I am hoping I beat the knickers of them teeny-boppers! HA.

I’ve been going through my crochet books and realize I bought a ton of them I really don’t want. Why do I do that??? How dare I buy stuff I will never ever use? I have put myself in timeout. No more buying unless I will actually USE the pattern, yarn, bead, fabric etc. I have now decide after being overly practical in other areas in my life, I rather like shopping for shoes, not purchased more than the needed one, 3 pairs sadly, but I do like trying them on and hope to join the massive crowd of people who have a shoe/boot fetish and actually purchase them. I used to have several pairs of black boot but gave those to the children and now find me trying on green and pink shoes when given a choice and I did try on some brown suede boots for fall but opted out as I felt I was walking on a pencil for a heel. I think I will have to shop online. More choice.

My, now 16 year old, loves shoes and has many pairs. She never ask for or purchases for herself expensive shoes but I did see her eyeballing a pair of harajuku hightops.

Secret Pal 11 seems to being going well. Hard to jump fully in without a PC I can get on anytime I want too. Bummer. But I hope it’s still enjoyable for both my pals.

I’m out!

Be well y’all!!!


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So I was on a blogging roll of sorts and then it happened……

I awoke one morning to find my desktop DEAD. Just assuming some wire came unplugged somewhere I wasn’t too worried. But my worst fears came true when after a visit to the doctor, learning the PC had a burned out hard drive. I’m borrowing my husbands pc for now but am very unfamiliar with it.I do have a laptop but the bugger loads so slow. Anywho I am very sad the PC is dead and even sadder, photos, patterns, and recipes have now also died, never to see the light of day again. BOO-WOO!

I have some updates: I did receive an fantabulous box from my secret pal and wish I could post pics but can’t right now. But included was a most luscious vanilla candle, some super soft yarn, a bar of yummy chocolate and a very nice note. THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!!I hope to post pictures soon! And respond to any e-mails you’ve sent.

My root canals didn’t happen. The teeth had to be extracted. Now off to the dental surgeon to see about dental implants.YUCK! I hate dental stuff. Thank goodness the teeth were in the back.

Work is going well. I like it very much! There is a random jerk on occasion but isn’t there always some weirdness at a good job?

I totally missed out on the September fat quarter swap, bummer. Oh, well there is always next month. I hope I have a desk top before then. Sigh!!!

Off to work!

Be well y’all!!!

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I’ve never been a high maintenance kinda girl. Never was a clothes horse. Nor was I a sloppy dresser, honestly always been a bit in between. Ya know, comfortable but tidy. I’ve been through various phase of dressing, the longest period of style or lack of was very dark and gothic dare I say Ozzy Osbourne-isque? Anyhoo, now I find me drawn to much Earthier tones and feminine flare. Being a plus sized chica I generally stuck to “covering-up” on most occasions. Who knows if it’s the age, “almost forty” she says proudly, the job or just accepting me for me. I alway thought I was comfortable with me and liked me, was it all false? But thats neither here nor there.

The person I am having an affair with is me! OH-MY-GAWD! Who knew I was cute and sassy, so says The Old Man. Okay, so maybe he and I are bias. But still. Lane Bryant has new jeans made for people with big bums. They’re cut as to not allow the waist to hang, which normally was the problem . They have peekaboo boobie shirts, love ’em. So I’ve been slowly adding to my wardrobe, or lack of I should say. The Old Man loves it, the girls love it, I love it. And most surprisingly I have no guilt over buying something for me on occasion. This is a totally new thing. Okay, I sorta freaked out when I got my hair colored and cut the other day(trying to get it to it’s natural color again). I thought EMS was gonna have to come with oxygen. OY! Anyway, not a fashionista ( did I spell that right?) but am liking trying new things. Liking shining a bit. I think I might like this moving into a new phase. I can totally feel the pull for whats coming next. All I can say is, BRING IT ON, Mother. I bes ready!

In other self-involved news. Yes, that’s right, me, me, me……

I finally got some postcards from postcrossing! YAY!  For you folks with small humans (Deneen, Lynlee, Wendy) you should check it out if you haven’t. Emily, Amy and I are rather enjoying it. The investment is minimal, which is a plus.

Speaking of Emily she has been wanting to join a swap. She tried to join swap-bot and several groups on flickr but she’s too young. So she started her own teen swap group. She received her first package and is tickled to death. Honestly, she loved gathering things for her swap partner more than receiving the package. I love seeing The Offspring happy.

Amy finally joined flickr and is browsing groups to hook up with.

Who knew flickr was so addicting?

Secret pal 11 is getting ready to kick off big time on the 15th. Can’t wait to go shopping for my pal. Can’t wait to find out who she or he is!!!!

The fat quarter swap I’m in  is going full swing some of these folks already have their packages in the mail! I’ve yet to go to the Quilt shop. Okay, we only got hooked up with our partners a few days ago, but I do feel like I am a tad behind. Darn you work!

Deneen, sent out an e-mail, sorta like a recipe round robin, and I wanna do it, but I am having trouble deciding what recipe to send. What if the ingredients aren’t available where whoever I send the recipe too lives? Maybe I worry too much……I love the idea of getting recipes new to me to try. Who wouldn’t love a new twist on an old favorite or a new taste sensation?  My other worry is; do I know 20 people?

Oy, I have more rambling, but even I am sick of reading me, so I will save it for another day. Go breathe, be grateful you made it out alive and hope you want be tempted to stop by and read anytime soon or pray I will be to busy to blog.

Be well y’all!

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I joined Secret Pal 11, finally after how many years of putting it off Swapna? Anywho I am rather excited. And I also joined a fat quarter swapping group on Flickr and am excited about that as well.

I have no idea who my not secret to me pal is yet, but hope I can tune into their wants and needs easily. Are they a knitter or crocheter, are they a pastels or bold jewel tones kinda person.

My fat quarter swap buddy is known to me. Not personally, per se, but we do know who we swap with. I hope I please her with my choices. Looking forward to heading over to the quilt shop and grabbing her some yummy fabrics. Plus I love the “extras” shopping probably a tad more than the basis of the swap shopping. Ya know teas and candies, books, handmade goodies.

I hope I have an awesome experience and can give someone an awesome one as well. Might just jump on the swapping/secret pal bandwagon full force then.

Did I mention I am tired?, well I am. Today I just want to lay and not move. I need some energy!!!  I don’t think I could even muster the strength to hold a book to read. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP…..thats all my body wants. My head is another creature all together. It’s saying, work, errands, housey type stuff, work, cook, make appointments….on and on and on. So when I get home tonight from work I am crashing. Poopoo housework and crap like that! BLAH!

I think the drive is wearing me out. Granted its only one hour and thirty minute commute round trip per day, but that adds up over a weeks time. OY! I need one of those transport beams off of Star Trek……

Be well y’all!

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Sunday night The Man called to let me know there was a rather large dog ran over on our road, thats a really thin one lane dirt road, so I wouldn’t hit it. Being as there is no street lights and the road is very hilly and curvy etc, well ya get the pic. Anywho, yours truly was creeping by, trying to not look too closely as tittybaby as it sounds these things upset me to the point of bawling like a two year old. And I’ll be damned if the “dead” dog didn’t lift his head and look at me. Blood everywhere. I stopped the car and called The Man and he said he stopped and looked he couldn’t be alive. It must be a trick of the light. He did drive down to check again cuz I did beg. He returned and said he was dead. Hmmm, I coulda swore I saw him move. So at 7 the next morning I tried to avert my eyes as to not see him mushed and he wasn’t there. Maybe his parents picked him up? Ahhh, no the poor thing was sitting in a ditch in the pouring rain where he dragged himself. I stopped the car called the husband person and he in turn called our vet she said call the sheriff as they take care of “un-owned” animals, etc. Mind you this was at 7 am. While waiting for the sheriffs dept Joe gave him some food and would intermittently check on him. When I returned home at 8pm the dog was STILL there. So we called the sheriffs dept back, seems they forgot. So we called another vet that does emergency care and they said they were sending someone. NO ONE EVER EFFING CAME!

The poor doggy died about 5 am the next morning. I am so pissed. At the owners of this dog, at the sheriffs dept, at the emergency vet, at us…… Even though I know we tried to get him in the car, etc. He was in such pain he was snapping etc….. We had decided to foot the bill. I am pissed off I couldn’t put on my big girl panties and just put him out of his misery because I was worried about pissing off a neighbor.

Guess I am done, bitchin’….just thoroughly pissed. I can’t understand a living creature having to lay in a road and ditch for days hurting with no one to help….

Granted a live in podunkville where no one gives a crap about animals or even people for that matter….why the hell am I so surprised then? Okay, enough.

Off to work!

Be well!

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Amy, Amy and Tracy

Amy #1 is my very own Amy, who turned fourteen on May 5th. I think she had a pretty good birfday. She got some candle making stuff, a new soap kettle and a couple of pc games. We searched high and low for books she found appealing but none were to be had. So online she goes, still searching.

Amy #2 is Amy Butler, love love love the fabrics and newly acquired book, In Stitches. Sewers gotta check it out. Okay, even wanna be sewers gotta.

And then there is Tracy, Tracy Porter that is. I purchased some TP fabric last year and made some baby blankets. Loved to work with it sews up beautifully. Nice medium weight cotton drapes well and has mod color and appeal. Yesterday I bought some loverly sage colored to make a skirt. I generally don’t wear skirts but what the hay, it wants to be a skirt! Sadly, the fabrics are getting harder and harder to find.

If anyone has any Amy Butler or Tracy Porter fabrics they no longer wish to stash e-mail me with a price or trade. Even Amy Butler patterns will find a welcome home here.

Be well!

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The Plumbing and more!

The exam went well. Quick and over with almost painlessly. What more can a girl hope for?

I go back next month for the blood work results and the pap results and to see if my new inhaler is working. Not to bore the kind hearted lot that come read my drivel but apparently I have a couple of things “wrong” such as IBS, like how in the world? I almost only eat fiber, HELLO! See this is why I dislike going to the Drs. Just fix what I know or suspect is wrong , don’t be finding new stuff, geeez!

Anywho my next post will be image heavy as I have new additions to the farm family to show as well as gardening pics. Yes, I know exciting!!!!

I feel the urge to make a baby blanket , crocheted of course.

BTW, guess what? I am posting this blog entry from my bed with my laptop and visiting with Swapna! Ain’t life grand?

Be well!

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