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Just a silly way for me to track what I’ve done. So I feel somewhat productive!

Jewelry: Crocheted and strung

Bracelets 7

Necklaces 2

Earrings 9 pairs

Tulle Pin


Scarfs 2

Skull cap


Dotee Dolls 1

Grown list, grow!


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To do’s and stuff!

Who don’t have a lot to do, especially since the kiddos are about to be out of school for the summer. And we crafters KNOW how we are, projects upon projects upon projects!

So in the spirit of getting stuff done or putting a flame under me rump, a new “to-do” list is born.

Included are projects already started or planned out to the point of “I-gots-all-the-crap-why-ain’t-I-done-yet”….

1.)One twin size rag quilt in blues and yellows (all cut out, just needs sewing)

2.)One softie (cut out, partly sewn)

3.)One shabby chic baby quilt (got the fabrics together, gotta cut it and sew)

4.) Mandarin Maze quilt blocks (a little at a time projects as its a block a month thingy, block one is done, two through four await sewing, take photos)

5.) Necklace, the invizzy type, may with filament and crystals (got the stuffs together just gotta execute)

6.) A crocheted felted granny square purse (one side partially done)

I think I will limit my list to six projects at once. Once one is completed, add another. Focus me, focus!

Anyone else behind on projects?

Miss Jane I need your new address AGAIN!

Wendy, what color of fabrics/fat quarters do you want to swap? Or do you want to do a box of goodies? Lemme know. I can do whatever. Anyone else interested?

Off to shower then the labor camp……..

Be well!

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Remember this? I decided to just work on this list for a while. I am trying to reach a goal and so this means less PC time, forum time, and limited e-mailing time. Such is life.

Anyhoo, here are some pics of items I finished off my list. More to come.

Beaded metal bookmark, glass bead bracelet, fullsize batik rag quilt, and the back of the quilt.

Thanx for looking!

Chugga, chugga!

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Totally Crafty 2006

Here is an on-going list of finished projects. This is to remind myself I am not as lazy, craftwise, as I sometimes feel. Will update this post as projects are completed…

hats: 6(c)


shawls/stoles/wraps: 3(c)

purses/totes: 1(s)

doilies: 3(c)

scrunchies: 5(c)

jewelry: 4 bracelets (2-c), 1 set of earrings, 1 necklace




toys/doll clothing: 1(c)

garmets: 1 poncho (c)

Birdhouses/candle holders/misc:

Key: C…crocheted, S…sewn, P…painted, K…knitted (hey, it could happen)

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