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Gather ’round folks, I have an announcement!

I am now a distributor of Athena’s Home Novelties!

Everyone go run and look at my web page! Except for Swapna, you have a delicate nature, don’t want to shock you! ( you can look if you want, but be warned)

Gotta say the spa products rock….

On another note I set a goal to make 5 bracelets today to post on Etsy. And guess what! I actually made them and nearly done with number 6. YAY me!!!

Also for you wishlisters, I have printed out the list that have been posted and will be shopping when time allows or for when I come across something awesome. BTW, I need you girls address, please.

Be well y’all!

Update: I’ve now completed seven bracelets, one necklace and one pair of earrings. WOOT! Swapna, I am on now (obviously) but haven’t been online much. Just doing a quick e-mail check before bed. But I do hope to be on in the morrow.  The evening time.


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Okay, so I’ve been MIA……With good reason I promise. WORK, WORK…..and WORK!

I’ve got to give a shout out to my secret pals…..now that SP11 is coming to an end I find I am getting more comfortable doing the pal thing. My secret to me pal always e-mails or leaves comments. And she sends the bestest packages. My not secret to me pal is equally as awesome. She’s warm and friendly. She’s been very patient as I try and figure out how secret palling actually works. Not that I’m a slacker pal but I wasn’t real sure how friendly to be, that’s so not the right word friendly, hmmmm. But my previous experience on a well known crochet forum was horrid. I emailed weekly, sent e-cards several times a week, sent rocking packages and cards and little to no response. And that being my only taste of Sp-ing, thought I must be doing something wrong, especially when I was publicly criticized by she who shall remain un-named for not trying to connect more, HELLO! Anywho sour grapes, sorry! But the point is I think I am getting into the spirit of Sp now that the end is drawing near and hope I am allowed to participate again. Robyn my hostess has been a great handholder as well. If I lacked blog post, all my days meld into one, ahem, she’d e-mail and remind me to post more. For a newbie to Sp it was nice to be so monitored. Anyone thinking about trying SP, should at least once.

I was very productive yesterday, I got several packages mailed off. One for my fat quarter swap, one for my swap-bot towel swap, one to Swapna, and other little thingies. All of you peeps on the India mail watch, Swapna did in fact get her first test package from me to her new address. So pkg two has been sent. Hoping #1 wasn’t a fluke.

I have loads of pictures to share but will have to feed them into post over several days. But I do have some linkage for you!

My fam and our friend Carole spent a fabu day at Worldfest 2007. Granted it could totally be bigger, but it will grow. We had a blast. We met all sorts of unique people, learned about cultures and was free to ask questions to the different countries reps. One of the booths we hang out at the most was India. Emily and I have decided she and I must have been residence of India in a past life. Stop laughing, for reals!

We ate some pakora. YUMMY! Ours had soft cheese and green onions. And there was this fabulous dipping sauce. I could taste pepper and cumin. Emily and Amy also got henna dyed hands. Mehendi is the correct term, I think. You can see an article here, sitting at the table is Em, Amy is standing in the background as is The Old Man and thats the back of Carole’s blonde head. We were leaving when Emily heard Indian music start from a stage somewhere away from where we were and she sprinted off like a cheetah, the words streaming from her as she ran was “Hurry Mama, move faster.” Then she was gone. We later joked that we’ve never seen her move so fast and perhaps we should purchase Indian Cds to get her moving. I did catch up and we watched and clapped for an hour or more. Got a ton of pictures. Will share, sparingly later.

We also saw a beautiful presentation of Capoeria. Oh my goodness! Wonderful! I could get down with that I think. Okay, wishful thinking but still….. Also have pictures of this. Gotta upload them before I can post them.

Alrighty then, I am off to work.

Be well y’all!

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I Heart You!

So I only have like literally 2 minutes to blog! But I did want to share this Etsy shop with y’all. I totally heart it.

Also I want to shout out to Deneen. I removed the thingy.

Melissa, no problem girlie, we all have lives away from the devil box, I hope! LOL. I think I have some pics over at photobucket, so when I get off work tonight I will check.

Jo….. flickr is so fun. I LOVE IT! Basically, you post your photos on your online album. You choose who gets to see them. PLUS, I love love love the groups. You can click on any user name and see what groups they belong too. Super fun. It’s free unless you want a pro account. I have the free one although Emily has a pro account and finds it “better”.

Off to make some Earth Monies…….

Be well y’all!

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Thank you!

So my birfday was a couple of days ago and I got a wonderful package yesterday from my Secret to me Pal. THANK YOU PAL! OMG, my Secret to me Pal totally rocks! MWAH, SMOOCH, HUGS! In my fabulous package was a book that I’ve been eyeballing (how’d she know?), chocolate (who doesn’t love good chocolate), some wonderful tea with honey from Lupicia. And a berry nice card.

Tuesday the fam and I are doing dinner with J and her hubby R. Going to Ozona. YUM!

Be well y’all!

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Today, Emily the eldest offspring, turns 16! OMIGAWD!!!! Who allowed this crap??? Wishing her a very happy birfday with lotsa love and squishy kisses. Also cringing at the increase in the cost of auto insurance.

Tomorrow, as there is no school the following day, we are going bowling and out to eat with a few of her friends from school. Or we are taking them out rather. Having bowled only one other time in my whole life I am hoping I beat the knickers of them teeny-boppers! HA.

I’ve been going through my crochet books and realize I bought a ton of them I really don’t want. Why do I do that??? How dare I buy stuff I will never ever use? I have put myself in timeout. No more buying unless I will actually USE the pattern, yarn, bead, fabric etc. I have now decide after being overly practical in other areas in my life, I rather like shopping for shoes, not purchased more than the needed one, 3 pairs sadly, but I do like trying them on and hope to join the massive crowd of people who have a shoe/boot fetish and actually purchase them. I used to have several pairs of black boot but gave those to the children and now find me trying on green and pink shoes when given a choice and I did try on some brown suede boots for fall but opted out as I felt I was walking on a pencil for a heel. I think I will have to shop online. More choice.

My, now 16 year old, loves shoes and has many pairs. She never ask for or purchases for herself expensive shoes but I did see her eyeballing a pair of harajuku hightops.

Secret Pal 11 seems to being going well. Hard to jump fully in without a PC I can get on anytime I want too. Bummer. But I hope it’s still enjoyable for both my pals.

I’m out!

Be well y’all!!!

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I’ve never been a high maintenance kinda girl. Never was a clothes horse. Nor was I a sloppy dresser, honestly always been a bit in between. Ya know, comfortable but tidy. I’ve been through various phase of dressing, the longest period of style or lack of was very dark and gothic dare I say Ozzy Osbourne-isque? Anyhoo, now I find me drawn to much Earthier tones and feminine flare. Being a plus sized chica I generally stuck to “covering-up” on most occasions. Who knows if it’s the age, “almost forty” she says proudly, the job or just accepting me for me. I alway thought I was comfortable with me and liked me, was it all false? But thats neither here nor there.

The person I am having an affair with is me! OH-MY-GAWD! Who knew I was cute and sassy, so says The Old Man. Okay, so maybe he and I are bias. But still. Lane Bryant has new jeans made for people with big bums. They’re cut as to not allow the waist to hang, which normally was the problem . They have peekaboo boobie shirts, love ’em. So I’ve been slowly adding to my wardrobe, or lack of I should say. The Old Man loves it, the girls love it, I love it. And most surprisingly I have no guilt over buying something for me on occasion. This is a totally new thing. Okay, I sorta freaked out when I got my hair colored and cut the other day(trying to get it to it’s natural color again). I thought EMS was gonna have to come with oxygen. OY! Anyway, not a fashionista ( did I spell that right?) but am liking trying new things. Liking shining a bit. I think I might like this moving into a new phase. I can totally feel the pull for whats coming next. All I can say is, BRING IT ON, Mother. I bes ready!

In other self-involved news. Yes, that’s right, me, me, me……

I finally got some postcards from postcrossing! YAY!  For you folks with small humans (Deneen, Lynlee, Wendy) you should check it out if you haven’t. Emily, Amy and I are rather enjoying it. The investment is minimal, which is a plus.

Speaking of Emily she has been wanting to join a swap. She tried to join swap-bot and several groups on flickr but she’s too young. So she started her own teen swap group. She received her first package and is tickled to death. Honestly, she loved gathering things for her swap partner more than receiving the package. I love seeing The Offspring happy.

Amy finally joined flickr and is browsing groups to hook up with.

Who knew flickr was so addicting?

Secret pal 11 is getting ready to kick off big time on the 15th. Can’t wait to go shopping for my pal. Can’t wait to find out who she or he is!!!!

The fat quarter swap I’m in  is going full swing some of these folks already have their packages in the mail! I’ve yet to go to the Quilt shop. Okay, we only got hooked up with our partners a few days ago, but I do feel like I am a tad behind. Darn you work!

Deneen, sent out an e-mail, sorta like a recipe round robin, and I wanna do it, but I am having trouble deciding what recipe to send. What if the ingredients aren’t available where whoever I send the recipe too lives? Maybe I worry too much……I love the idea of getting recipes new to me to try. Who wouldn’t love a new twist on an old favorite or a new taste sensation?  My other worry is; do I know 20 people?

Oy, I have more rambling, but even I am sick of reading me, so I will save it for another day. Go breathe, be grateful you made it out alive and hope you want be tempted to stop by and read anytime soon or pray I will be to busy to blog.

Be well y’all!

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Shop ‘Til Ya Drop!

Okay, well not that I have everything listed BUT I have begun listing. Before I list all my items maybe some of you “with it” peeps can look over my Etsy shop and give me some pointers so that I might revise if the need be.

Scoundrel House 

if the above link doesnt work then try:  ScoundrelHouse.etsy.com

I have several more items to add plus, hoping to finish some hand dyed silk scarves if they come out well. Yes, I do more than crochet…. 🙂

Please look, don’t feel obligated to purchase and feel free to give tips.

My selling motto is: It’s here if ya want it, no one is twistin your arm. LOL

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