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My camera is wiggin out so I’ve not uploaded my pictures from the reveal I got from my fabulous Secret Pal SFKnitster. The husband type person is working on my camera issues.

I am very blown away by the kindness of someone I’ve never officially met, nor ever had a one on one conversation before SP. The packages were very well thought out and sent in a timely manner and she never failed to e-mail or send e-cards.

Just wanted to do a quick SP photo update as I promised them.


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Thank you!

So my birfday was a couple of days ago and I got a wonderful package yesterday from my Secret to me Pal. THANK YOU PAL! OMG, my Secret to me Pal totally rocks! MWAH, SMOOCH, HUGS! In my fabulous package was a book that I’ve been eyeballing (how’d she know?), chocolate (who doesn’t love good chocolate), some wonderful tea with honey from Lupicia. And a berry nice card.

Tuesday the fam and I are doing dinner with J and her hubby R. Going to Ozona. YUM!

Be well y’all!

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So I was on a blogging roll of sorts and then it happened……

I awoke one morning to find my desktop DEAD. Just assuming some wire came unplugged somewhere I wasn’t too worried. But my worst fears came true when after a visit to the doctor, learning the PC had a burned out hard drive. I’m borrowing my husbands pc for now but am very unfamiliar with it.I do have a laptop but the bugger loads so slow. Anywho I am very sad the PC is dead and even sadder, photos, patterns, and recipes have now also died, never to see the light of day again. BOO-WOO!

I have some updates: I did receive an fantabulous box from my secret pal and wish I could post pics but can’t right now. But included was a most luscious vanilla candle, some super soft yarn, a bar of yummy chocolate and a very nice note. THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!!I hope to post pictures soon! And respond to any e-mails you’ve sent.

My root canals didn’t happen. The teeth had to be extracted. Now off to the dental surgeon to see about dental implants.YUCK! I hate dental stuff. Thank goodness the teeth were in the back.

Work is going well. I like it very much! There is a random jerk on occasion but isn’t there always some weirdness at a good job?

I totally missed out on the September fat quarter swap, bummer. Oh, well there is always next month. I hope I have a desk top before then. Sigh!!!

Off to work!

Be well y’all!!!

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Fat Quarters for me!

So I belong to a fat quarter swap group over on Flickr. I received a loverly package with pretty pink fabrics.


Love them!

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A couple of days ago I recieved a wonderful package from Wendy! I love packages, especially to me, full of good stuff. Thank you Wendy, you rock. I absolutely love the hat.

The remodling process is going slow, VERY slow. But hey at least it’s happening.

We went to see about having a larger house built and lemme tell ya, I HATE payments. So now we are at the point of finding the right person to frame up three bedrooms and one bath and we finish them. I can swing a hammer and do basic plumbing. The Old Man is a bit more advanced so some elbow grease and sweat and mild cussing and viola’, more space! We can hope, right?

Has everyone already started on their giftie lists for the up coming holidays? I wrote a list, have somethings ordered by others, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I really must get going on it, seems to be growing daily.

Why don’t people barter anymore? I love bartering.

Yes, random thoughts are running amuck.

The local Renn Faire is upcoming (October) and at trying on our grab discovered we all need new stuff. So one month to make four womens sets. Mildly stressed. Been scouring eBay with hopes of finding something appealing and affordable. Plus Dickens on the Strand is coming up so we need four Victorian gowns for that. I hired out the corsets so hoping by December the gowns are done. We are not dorks! Who doesn’t like playing dress-up?

Been getting back to a project I started several years ago, writing my cookbook. Ya know it may never be seen by anyone else, but it will be nice to have the recipes down for the girls. I will try and have it seen, for the heck of it. If it’s passed over, no biggy. No, is the worse anyone can say.

For those who might be interested, we will be making twin sized batik rag quilts for $150.00. Please email with colour scheme, and although colours may not be spot on it will “go with” what you request as batik has a mind of it’s own. A $50.00 deposit is required. The balance due before item is mailed. I know I usually don’t push my wares on my blog, but hey why not? Money order is preferred. Thanx!

Guess thats all folks! Thanx for still reading. Thank you for the e-mails and keeping in touch. I really appreciate it.

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Much Thanx!

I have been an internet slacker as of late. Ya know life and stuff sometimes happens.

Many things have lapsed including cleaning out e-mails. Well today I go to finally purged my hotmail account which I usually use for personal stuff, like CC statements, some civic groups we belong to and stuff and crap like that. While going through and cleaning I see I have been sent a very, very, very generous Amazon gift certificate. Amazing! I feel very grateful and blessed beyond words! And I haven’t a clue who the gifter is and there is no need to share who you are. Hugs and good warm loving feelings your way.

I also had several e-mails asking after me and the family. First, lemme say, I am glad people take the time to drop a few lines and to assure those who are asking we are doing good. The Yeomans household is getting a makeover however. The people and the shelter we call home. We are hoping to add a new bath and two bedroom plus redo the kitchen to make it flow better. This house is one of those piece mill houses, ya know, where when someone got some mulah they’d add on a room here and there. It was built in the ’30’s so it needs updating.

Anyway thats why we have been away so much……so much to DO!

Oh and before I jet off again, I have packages sitting here for folks I promised to send ages ago. We have some out of town stuff to do the rest of the week but hope to drop them in the post ASAP!

Holy crappolah, two post in one day! What’s up with that?

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All the way from India!

After much stalking of the postman and teetering on bawling when he left me empty handed I received my long awaited package from Swapna!

My littlest offspring was gifted several Mad Magazines, the oldest was gifted a cd of Indian music, and I was gifted with a uber soft, mango-y scarf/stole thingy….I REALLLLY like it! Now how long must I wish for cool weather to wear it?

I don't have batteries right now but will try and post a pic later this week.

Swapna is horrid at keeping secrets…she was busting at the seams to tell me WHAT she sent….she did cave and tell me to watch for a package…she's so weak, LOL!

Thanx so much Swapna…tons of hugs and gratitude from Texas!

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