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I Heart You!

So I only have like literally 2 minutes to blog! But I did want to share this Etsy shop with y’all. I totally heart it.

Also I want to shout out to Deneen. I removed the thingy.

Melissa, no problem girlie, we all have lives away from the devil box, I hope! LOL. I think I have some pics over at photobucket, so when I get off work tonight I will check.

Jo….. flickr is so fun. I LOVE IT! Basically, you post your photos on your online album. You choose who gets to see them. PLUS, I love love love the groups. You can click on any user name and see what groups they belong too. Super fun. It’s free unless you want a pro account. I have the free one although Emily has a pro account and finds it “better”.

Off to make some Earth Monies…….

Be well y’all!


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Thank you!

So my birfday was a couple of days ago and I got a wonderful package yesterday from my Secret to me Pal. THANK YOU PAL! OMG, my Secret to me Pal totally rocks! MWAH, SMOOCH, HUGS! In my fabulous package was a book that I’ve been eyeballing (how’d she know?), chocolate (who doesn’t love good chocolate), some wonderful tea with honey from Lupicia. And a berry nice card.

Tuesday the fam and I are doing dinner with J and her hubby R. Going to Ozona. YUM!

Be well y’all!

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Today I SHOULD be doing stuff. Yet, here I sit doing very little. Tried to do some shopping online but my Secret Pals wishlish thingy is down and I’ll be darned if I can remember what was on there. OY! I did begin a hobo-ish bag I hope to use tomorrow. Very cute if I say so meself.  I will take pics but not sure how I will post them. ‘member the pc/camera debacle?

Yesterday, Amy and I had an awesome day. We had a lunch date with a new friend. Amy was born with a birth defect which causes a moderate to severe physical disability. Anywho,  being a teen, which in itself can suck, but being a teen with a physical disability can suck major-ly.  So our new friend J is 30ish, has the same birth defect and is a make-up artist, stylist and artist married to a soon -to-be Doctor. She and Ames talked at length about their lives and some of the medical complication and things that suck and things that are awesome. (Ames has the myelomeningocele version, as does J.)

Revealing today aren’t I?

Over on Flickr I got the info on my new swap buddy for the Fat Quarter Swap Group. Going shopping for her this weekend.

One more thing about SP11…. I enjoy reading my pals blog, I enjoy her e-mails…..who knew this was so fun????

I really should go crochet or finish sewing my bag………..

Be well y’all!!!!

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