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My camera is wiggin out so I’ve not uploaded my pictures from the reveal I got from my fabulous Secret Pal SFKnitster. The husband type person is working on my camera issues.

I am very blown away by the kindness of someone I’ve never officially met, nor ever had a one on one conversation before SP. The packages were very well thought out and sent in a timely manner and she never failed to e-mail or send e-cards.

Just wanted to do a quick SP photo update as I promised them.


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Today I SHOULD be doing stuff. Yet, here I sit doing very little. Tried to do some shopping online but my Secret Pals wishlish thingy is down and I’ll be darned if I can remember what was on there. OY! I did begin a hobo-ish bag I hope to use tomorrow. Very cute if I say so meself.  I will take pics but not sure how I will post them. ‘member the pc/camera debacle?

Yesterday, Amy and I had an awesome day. We had a lunch date with a new friend. Amy was born with a birth defect which causes a moderate to severe physical disability. Anywho,  being a teen, which in itself can suck, but being a teen with a physical disability can suck major-ly.  So our new friend J is 30ish, has the same birth defect and is a make-up artist, stylist and artist married to a soon -to-be Doctor. She and Ames talked at length about their lives and some of the medical complication and things that suck and things that are awesome. (Ames has the myelomeningocele version, as does J.)

Revealing today aren’t I?

Over on Flickr I got the info on my new swap buddy for the Fat Quarter Swap Group. Going shopping for her this weekend.

One more thing about SP11…. I enjoy reading my pals blog, I enjoy her e-mails…..who knew this was so fun????

I really should go crochet or finish sewing my bag………..

Be well y’all!!!!

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Today, Emily the eldest offspring, turns 16! OMIGAWD!!!! Who allowed this crap??? Wishing her a very happy birfday with lotsa love and squishy kisses. Also cringing at the increase in the cost of auto insurance.

Tomorrow, as there is no school the following day, we are going bowling and out to eat with a few of her friends from school. Or we are taking them out rather. Having bowled only one other time in my whole life I am hoping I beat the knickers of them teeny-boppers! HA.

I’ve been going through my crochet books and realize I bought a ton of them I really don’t want. Why do I do that??? How dare I buy stuff I will never ever use? I have put myself in timeout. No more buying unless I will actually USE the pattern, yarn, bead, fabric etc. I have now decide after being overly practical in other areas in my life, I rather like shopping for shoes, not purchased more than the needed one, 3 pairs sadly, but I do like trying them on and hope to join the massive crowd of people who have a shoe/boot fetish and actually purchase them. I used to have several pairs of black boot but gave those to the children and now find me trying on green and pink shoes when given a choice and I did try on some brown suede boots for fall but opted out as I felt I was walking on a pencil for a heel. I think I will have to shop online. More choice.

My, now 16 year old, loves shoes and has many pairs. She never ask for or purchases for herself expensive shoes but I did see her eyeballing a pair of harajuku hightops.

Secret Pal 11 seems to being going well. Hard to jump fully in without a PC I can get on anytime I want too. Bummer. But I hope it’s still enjoyable for both my pals.

I’m out!

Be well y’all!!!

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Check it out.

Dad’s new tat:

Mama’s new do:

I totally LOVE The Old Mans tat! MEOW!

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There is drama to report! Yep, the peace of the Funny Farm has been rippling with WTF for the past 2 hours!

This was under our bathtub:

Yep its near 6 feet long sans the head. Gypsy my doggy is very curious about it.

Looks like my Oldest Offspring needs a snack. She's a freak, I don't know where she gets that?

My littlest found the blasted thing, glad she didn't step on it. It ran under the tub when she came up on it.

Now I hope I can go tinkle without jumping at every little noise.


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