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I am working on my Foodie Friday post, been a real slacker on that as of late. Will post it tomorrow.

This is just a rambling post of  little stuff.

I am very excited, I signed up a couple weeks ago to be a Bzz agent, which is  basically a tester of products, then you pass on the info to the company and get this your friends and family along with coupons and or sample. But anywho I got my first test item on it's way! A 11.5 oz can of a new type of coffee and if I understand it right coupons to hand out to others. All I gotta do is report on my experience with the product. I am not gonna post a link of any sort but if anyone is interested just email me and I will send you a link/invite.

Another survey/tester programme I belong to also is sending me a test product. But since it's confidential (the product) I can't say which item  but I will say I love free stuff and will gladly take 5-15 minutes to fill out a test questionaire to get some.

Sharon over at DoD is a freebie nut and moderates the freebie section of the forum. I was so glad to see her start this as I have been a freebie hound for ages. So it's nice to be in good company. And yes folks we really do get stuff for FREE. It takes a couple seconds to submit a request thats it. I did get a comment from someone recently that said, "You have too much time if you can request free items, get a life"……Ummm, 'kay. Here's how I see it, the companies offer these items for free and set up webpages for you to request them. If I aint having to give personal info, like credit card numbers and such to get freebies, then it's not a waste of time. A minute here and there and almost daily I get free items or coupons for items or big discounts. But thanks for the "get a life advice"…perhaps you should stop downloading so much porn and get a life yourself, LOL.

I rarely gush about my husband, I tend to call him My Old Man, which he and I both prefer. Dunno why, just do. But anyway, I have to gush about him today. He is one of those guys thats really comfortable with his sexuality and self on a whole. Well today the guy wears a powder pink t-shirt all over town. Folks we live in shitkicker central, loads of cowboys and not the Brokeback Mountain variety. The shirt simply said "Real Men Wear Pink" , then smaller under that "Support Breast Cancer Research"…..*swoon* I realize it's not a big deal to most people on so many levels it's not for me, except, as I mentioned the area we live in and he did get people rubbernecking and he never flinched.

Ya know when kids say stuff that makes you laugh ages after it's happened? Well that happened a few weeks ago and I find myself giggling like a school girl when I think of what my oldest said. We had eaten Chinese and we get outside the restaurant and she stops and is brushing at her lap. She looks up at me and says, "Dang Mama I had enough rice in my crotch to feed a third world country."  I have no idea why but I can't stop laughing over it, the look on her face, she was so serious.

Speaking of my oldest, she graduates Jr. High Thursday. She goes on an overnighter Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening. GULP, very nervous over this one….She then has no break from school. Twirling until July a tiny break then more twirling. The child never has had twirling lessons, she heard a few months ago they were looking for twirlers in High School, she found a baton been practicing, she signed up the day they posted the sign up list and now is one of five girls remaining. She has been working on her own and now can twirl two batons at once. Folks this is my klutz child. If it can be fallen over, break, or hurt/impale, shes all about that. She also is very non-athletic, shes a book worm and very much the punkish girl. I mean hell her ONE bad grade in school was a C in P.E. , get this, for not being able to catch a softball. Yea I raised hell…but my point is shes not athletical inclined at all. So good luck to her, I hope she enjoys it and does very well.

I have so much to catch up on, just been a bit under the weather and finding it hard to focus. I know I promised pics and lists and I have some much belated gratitude to post about to, but want to do it proper with pics.

Blog contest peeps, I am working on your packages and will get them out when I get a chance. I really gotta see about UPS for my area. Takes me forever to get to the post office. UPS will come pick up, no need for me to leave the house.

Have a good one folks, 'til later!


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We have winners! I picked three top winners but as I already mentioned everyone always gets something if ya play with me!

Wendy, Deneen, and Priscilla are the top three!

I can't share the jokes on my blog as they are either video or pics. However I can tell ya a bit about them.

Wendy sent me a photo I have seen a million times, but she added the text, something to the effect of "Do I really need to explain this?" LOL Hint: it is a horrid knock off of the Molly Weasley sweater.

Deneen sent this parody of one of those late night commericals for "live, hot chat"…hilarious!

Priscilla sent me some fantastic pics of OMG-ish type prom dresses.

But Lani, Jo, Jo in NZ, Faye, Melissa in Tx, and Kelly also get a gifty in a mail.

Thanx for the laughs ladies! It was a blast!

Remember to gimme a week or so as it takes forever for em to get to the post office. Boonies remember?

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Blog Contest!

Yep, I am sooooooooo friggin late, as usual. It was my blogiversary (sp) last month and I neglected to have a shindig-ish type fun thing!

What you got to do: Send me the albsolute funniest joke you can find/come up with e-mail it to me at Simplewitchery@gmail.com put JOKE in the subject line.

What I gotta do: Pick the funniest

Running time: May 4th-12th (midnight)

What you get: Snazzy Copper wire Bracelet with glass beads made by me, beads and wire to make your own, a set of bamboo purse handles, some balls of misc yarn, and whatever else I feel like throwing in the box (maybe a crochet book, a knitting book, a hook, tea,??? WHO KNOWS)


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