Just a silly way for me to track what I’ve done. So I feel somewhat productive!

Jewelry: Crocheted and strung

Bracelets 7

Necklaces 2

Earrings 9 pairs

Tulle Pin


Scarfs 2

Skull cap


Dotee Dolls 1

Grown list, grow!


Gather ’round folks, I have an announcement!

I am now a distributor of Athena’s Home Novelties!

Everyone go run and look at my web page! Except for Swapna, you have a delicate nature, don’t want to shock you! ( you can look if you want, but be warned)

Gotta say the spa products rock….

On another note I set a goal to make 5 bracelets today to post on Etsy. And guess what! I actually made them and nearly done with number 6. YAY me!!!

Also for you wishlisters, I have printed out the list that have been posted and will be shopping when time allows or for when I come across something awesome. BTW, I need you girls address, please.

Be well y’all!

Update: I’ve now completed seven bracelets, one necklace and one pair of earrings. WOOT! Swapna, I am on now (obviously) but haven’t been online much. Just doing a quick e-mail check before bed. But I do hope to be on in the morrow.  The evening time.

Last call!

K, peeps….I know folks are busy and stuff I totally understand. I am thinking I’ll delete the Wistlisters if no one is interested in let’s say, two weeks.

It’s a fun idea but people may be just to busy, which is understandable.


No one else wants to play on Wishlisters?  Don’t be shy!!!!

It’s Alive!!!!!

Okay,  boys and girls………………introducing Wishlisters. Please e-mail for invite. Also please be patient while I tweak and learn to work the “behind-the-scenes” stuff. Danke!

Let the gifting begin!!!!!

A Quickie!

Okay so I have been blog shopping for a multi-user/group blog where there can be many people able to post photos etc.

I thought blogger had the ablity to add multiple users, I dunno! Ideas? I also looked a forums, FOR ONLY WISH LIST, nothing more, there is enough forums for individual interest.  These are free and can be by invite only and users can post pics, update list etc.

I like the idea of the wishlist even if it only starts with 4 or so people. UGH! Rambling sux!

Okay off to work.

Be well y’all!

Holy FOs Batman!

So anyone wondering how in the world I am about to post days in a row? Sure I know everyone in their mother is curious, HA!

Did I quit my job?


Did I become violently ill and on medical leave, or possibly lapsed more in to insanity had to take a mental health leave?

Nope again!

Did I have PLH I had to take with pay or lose them?

YES, baby thats it!

Gawd, I love mini-vacations! 5 days of decluttering and creating and crap and stuff!

Okay, I only have like 2 full days left but hello……………..I have FOs!

Seven pairs of earrings, one necklace thus far!

Oh AND I totally made my first matchbox, decorated and everything. I must admit although I think it’s cute I don’t get them. Oh well, I can at least say I’ve made one. I guess thats an accomplishment! YEAH me!!!!

Pictures to follow tomorrow, check ’em out on Flickr!

So if we do this wishlist blog, what shall be it’s name?

Off to lay about like a large well fed lizard, except I ain’t scale-y and only the ex calls me cold blooded.

Be well y’all!